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Even though we have vowed never to take ourselves too seriously, there is a couple of things we are very serious about. One of them being nature and the state of The Cape floral kingdom.

The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of the six Floral Kingdoms in the world and is the only one contained in its entirety within a single country. It is characterized by its high richness in plant species (8 700 species) and its high endemicity. 


Waterval is based in The Boland, right in the middle of the Cape Floral Kingdom.  Historically we were surrounded by vast areas of alien plantations and bits of agriculture.  These practices contributed and continue to contribute to the high levels of endemicity. 


We are privileged to have a small tributary of the Berg river spring and flows through our property. 


Over the last 4 years, we have been able to start the restoration of this stream on our property under the expert guidance and efforts of Intaba Environmental Services. 


Intaba’s ground-breaking work on riparian restoration and rehabilitation has been focused on predominantly the Berg and Breede catchments, with Waterval Country Lodge lying in the upper reaches of the berg catchment. 


Restoration efforts included the clearing of alien species, the removal of degradation factors on the stream and the reintroduction of indigenous area-specific plant species.  Historical data has been used to ensure that genetic material specific to the geographical location is propagated and reintroduced. 


Please follow the link below to get a more scientific overview of the site. 


Restoration is not a once-off event and we are committed to the long-term rehabilitation of this precious resource. It is both delightful and encouraged by the progress already made and the sight of returning birdlife, wildlife and an overall feeling of new life at our stream. 


Come and enjoy, explore and be inspired with us. 

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