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The Amazing Race

Cape Town has long been considered one of the world's must-see destinations. This is more-so proven by the continued development and expansion of our, already booming, tourist-
industry. For example, the new One and Only hotel, the constant expansion of the
V&A Waterfront and so much more. In this tailor-made one-day event we have incorporated
a selection of what Cape Town has to offer in a day. To add even more of a “wow factor” to
it we have designed the event to take place in the format of an “Amazing Race”
Tailor-made fun like you have never experienced before.

The Fugitive

This theme, as run by KFM 94.5 and Vodacom is based on the film by the same name.

A Character by the name of Bobbi A Teams has managed to free himself and is currently on
the run. We have been trying to apprehend the criminal for a while and as yet with no
result. The bottom line, we need your help. The search for the character takes agents
through the CBD of Cape Town. Bobbi has been spotted twice on CCTV and that is all clues
we have as yet. Agents are to follow up on these clues, interview people recognizable from
the footage, follow leads, trace known associates, break codes and much more in this, “I
swear this is real life” experience.

The QR Challenge

Any city, any team, any time. Bold statement, we know! This is the beauty of the QR
Set up for your location, lets your team explore, cooperate, think, plan, laugh and most
importantly, never forget.
QR codes with a broad range of instructions, clues and points are set up in the high-tech
treasure hunt. Following Tik Tok trends, current themes and pure tenacity teams will show
off what they have to offer.

Custom design activity to suit any location.

We pride ourselves in our broad range of experience and connections, to make your team
build happen, no matter where. From our most conservative board room setting, to …… I
just don’t know what to type here, as we have never found a team build we could not do.

Conference and event energizers.

Need to blow some life into any conference, launch, party or event? You have come to the
right place. There is nothing too smart or mundane for our team.

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